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H'Bong Village Assistance for poor students

H'Bong Village Assistance for the poor students



The above letter from Sister Anne HO THI KIM ANH, from H'Bong Village in the Diocese of Kontum, Vietnam

and certified by Rev. Anton HOANG VAN LOI, the pastor of H'Bong Parish,

is seeking assistance from donors to help equip a student boarding house

that the Sisters have just built in the Parish to accommodate about 60 students,

thus allowing them to have place to stay and go to school.

The items required are:

1) beds, mats, bedsheets, blankets, mosquito nets, pillows, cupboards, hangers etc

2) toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush etc)

3) tables and chairs for the two study rooms

4) tables and chairs for the dining room,

5) cooking stoves, utensils, plates and cutlery for the kitchen

6) Solar panels water containers for collecting rain water for daily use

The sisters thank the donors for their support and generosity. 

May God reward them abundantly.


List of donors as of 10 October 2019 UPDATE

Date Name USD Notes City
09.06.19 Mrs. Cindy Townsend 100.00   Kansas City. KS
09.06.19 Mrs. Phu Trinh 350.00   Kansas City. KS
09.06.19 Phillips Trinh 100.00   Kansas City. KS
09.06.19 Mr. Linh Trinh 100.00   Kansas City. KS
09.06.19 Duc Nguyen 100.00   Kansas City. KS
09.06.19 Lan Le 50.00   Kansas City. KS
09.06.19 Mrs. Giang Trinh 200.00   Kansas City. KS
09.22.19 Milagros Aquino 244.20 Paypal-250 Phoenix, AZ
09.22.19 Anthony Tenorio 97.50 Paypal-100 USA
09.22.19 Clement Singarajah 48.60 Paypal-50 USA
09.30.19 Ms. Pamela Zapanta, DMD 50.00 . Phoenix, AZ
09.30.19 Mr.&Mrs. Emily & Leonardo Braganza 30.00   Goodyear, AZ
09.30.19 Ms. Yvonne Thu Tang 150.00   Phoenix, AZ
10.04.19 Nhat Tam Buddhist Youth Association 1'500.00   Phoenix, AZ