Chapter One


Article 1: Origin

The organization was initiated and established in 2000 by a number of former seminarians, friends, and natives of Kontum Diocese.

Article 2: Name

The organization shall be named: KONTUM MISSIONARY AND FRIENDSHIP (KMF)

Article 3: Purposes

The organization shall focus only on religious and charitable activities, namely:

(3.1) To foster friendship and mutual spiritual support among members

(3.2) To support missionary works

(3.3) To improve the welfare of people living in Kontum diocese.


Chapter Two



Article 4: Board of Directors and Board of Executive Directors:

The Board of Directors shall implement the policies and decisions that are subject to the requirements of the constitution.

(4.1) The members of the Board of Executive Directors shall consist of:

  •      Board of Executive Officers:

–        President

–        Vice-President

–        Secretary

–        Treasurer

  • Standing Committee:

–        Finance Director

–        Communications Director

–        Strategic Planning Director 

(4.2) The members of the Board of Executive Officers shall be elected by members who attend the general meeting, which is held every three years, or through the Internet should such meeting not take place.  The members of standing committee shall be appointed by the Board of Executive Officers.

(4.3) The members of the Board of Executive Directors shall serve a three-year term which can be renewed.

Article 5: Regional Representatives

In addition to the Governing Body, the organization shall be assisted by representatives from different U.S. States and other countries.

Article 6: Board of Advisors

The organization shall also invite several people to serve as advisors.


Chapter Three



Article 7: Board of Executive Directors

  • To coordinate all the organization’s activities
  • To implement the decisions made by the Board of Directors
  • To manage all special aspects of the organization, including administration and finances.

Article 8: Regional Representatives:

  • To coordinate the organization’s activities at individual regions.


 Chapter Four



Article 9: The Board of Executive Officers

(9.1) The duties of the President shall be:

  • To be in charge and responsible for all the organization’s activities.
  • To call meetings and preside at the regular or special meetings of the Board of Executive Directors.
  • To arrange and coordinate activities in order to foster the growth and solidarity.
  • To ultimately resolve all the issues related to the organization.
  • To carry out, encourage, revise, correct, and bring to the completion of projects decided by the organization.
  • To sign the documents related to the organization.

(9.2) The duties of the Vice-President shall be:

  • To cooperate with the President in governing the organization.
  • To function on behalf of the President being absent.
  • To work closely with the members of Standing Committee and motivate them to fulfill short-term and long-term programs.

(9.3) The duties of the Secretary shall be:

  • To organize and keep the organization’s legal records and documents.
  • To establish the organization’s roster of members.
  • To send out letters or notices written by the Board of Executive Directors.
  • To coordinate programs, copy and keep the minutes of the meetings.

(9.4) The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  • To manage the organization’s finances and assets.
  • To organize and keep documents related to the receipts and disbursements, as well as to bank accounts.
  • To report on the finances at the regular meetings.
  • To provide records for annual tax returns.
  • To work with the Finance Director in matters dealing with receipts and disbursements.
  • To work with the Communications Director in publishing materials and the organization’s Newsletter.

Article 10: Standing Committee

(10.1) The duties of the Finance Director shall be:

  • To study and seek initiatives in order to develop funds for the organization.
  • To propose and implement strategies and fundraising projects.
  • To communicate and recruit benefactors and sponsors.
  • To receive and record donations, gifts, and transfer them to the Treasurer.

(10.2) The duties of the Communications Director shall be:

  • To facilitate communications between the Board of the Executive Directors and Members.
  • To inform the organization’s activities to organizations and individuals.
  • To coordinate and publish printed materials and the Newsletter.
  • To work with the Treasurer in publishing materials and the Newsletter.

(10.3) The duties of the Strategic Planning Director shall be:

  • To study different strategies and implement programs according to the purposes set up by the organization.


Chapter Five



Article 11: Membership

All persons regardless of race and religion can participate as members of the organization.

Article 12: Contributions

All spiritual and material contributions are voluntary and considered valuable in fostering solidarity and supporting missionary works as well as improving the welfare of people living in Kontum Diocese.

Article 13: Benefits

Members of the organization shall be entitled to all benefits based on the spirit of brotherhood, love, and mutual respect as follow:

  •      All members shall have the right to vote, nominate someone or himself/herself to serve at the Board of Executive Officers.
  •      Members can participate at meetings, social events among members and families.
  •      Members shall be entitled to spiritual benefits, through prayers and masses said for members and families, alive or deceased.


Chapter Six



Article 14: Amendments

The clauses of this Constitution may be amended by the Board of Directors. Any change must be approved by a two-thirds majority.

Article 15: Authority of Clarification

The president of the organization has the authority to explain any unclear provision of the Constitution that needs to be clarified.

Article 14: Promulgation

This constitution was discussed and finalized at General Meeting held in San Jose the 9th and 10th day of  August, 2003. This Constitution shall become effective on the day of the signature.


Given at San  Jose on the 10th day of August, 2003

Chairperson of the organization



Rev. Joseph Hoang Minh Thang