Documents and pictures on Most Rev. Paul Seitz, fomer Bishop of Kontum





As you will know from your news media, we in Kontum, South Vietnam have been the target of many attack. The loss has been heavy in human life and destruction of homes and property.

                Our hospital has been badly damaged, but temporary quarters have been found in a school building. The work goes on. Dysentery, malaria, malnutrition, and war wounds are being treated under very difficult conditions.

                To reach our hospital many tribesman travel through monsoon, over paths strewn with hidden mines, their sick and wounded children strapped to their backs.

                The Montagnard tribesman are a humble, family loving people, bewildered by the turn their lives have taken. We have their respect and confidence. With God’s help and your sympathetic support we will rebuild and continue to care for them.

                As missionaries of the Catholic Church, South Vietnam has become our home. We know our people well and hardly a life remains untouched by tragedy and fear.   

                Danger is our ever present companion. Two of our fellow priests have been killed, one of our nurses abducted. But here is where we are needed and God gives us the courage we pray for a daily. We shall continue for as long as he grants us the privilege.

                Please send a donation to help us in our work. A check made out to me “Bishop Paul L. Seitz” or “Kontum mission Fund”, will reach safely through the Second National Bank of Nashua, N. H. ( So will cash or money orders) . The bank will reassure you of the authenticity of my appeal, should you request this. I will acknowledge your gift myself.

                The war still rages around us as I write, so I can say little more except the I need your help desperately.































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